Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Family

It was fun to set up the camera the other day to try to get a family photo.

My kiddos are so funny!! 

Who would of thought my 6 month old daughter

would have as much spunk at her age, as my 6 year old?!

Here she is loving on him....

She adores him!!

She loves to play with his hair, which she did after this photo was taken.
Then things get out of hand in her hand is more like it....

 and she yanked his hair really hard and we ended up with him crying.

Poor guy-he inherited sensitive hair from me.

I feel bad for him-seriously-he HATES getting his hair brushed because it hurts!!!

We finally got him calmed down and got our family shot.

You can still kinda tell he was upset-but he forgave her as I am sure you can see...

Those two really love each other! 

I am so blessed!!!

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