Thursday, February 2, 2012

Busy Busy...But Oh So Happy a 15 min challenge

Life never keeps going and going-even while we sleep.

So my life is not different from yours-we all have life going about us even when we are sleeping.


Now a routine isn't bad-but when the things that need done don't get done for the sake of

routine...that isn't a good thing.

But if I make goals (no matter how small) I can change a lot of my routine so that it runs smoother.

Like packing my sons lunches the night before.

It makes sense-no stressing for me in the morning.

No finding out I don't have what I need to make his lunch complete.

I can rest easy knowing that it is done.

Small change right-probably takes 5 min-but the outcome is a smoother morning and a good night

sleep which is priceless and important for my routine.

So on to the next help and tip for the busy mom:

There are a lot of 10-15 min things we can get done.

My encouragement to you is if you have a task that seems too enourmous,

set the timer for 15 mins and start on the project.

You'll be AMAZED at what you get done.

Even if it isn't the whole task completed-SO WHAT!!

You did something to make the next 15 min be even more profitable.

After you finish your first 15 min

you just might be encouraged to do more.

I know this is the case with me-sometimes it helps me realize how much time it really does take.

"Oh, the dishes need done..oh will take me like a half and hour to do...." ;

when really it only takes 5-10 min.

Setting a timer can also be a good mood booster.

How good does it feel to get something, anything done?!!

I don't know about you but to me it feels great and encourages me to reset the timer

and see what else I can get done.

So go to it-try it out and come back and tell me your experience.

I would love to hear how just 15 min helped you regain your confidence.

We as mothers are so busy-doing for others and we neglect ourselves.

Use the 15 min timer to your advantage; set the timer for 15 min and go do something for yourself.

And rejoice that you at least got 15 min just for you-it will help to rejuvinate you and your mood.

Read your Bible, listen to music, spend 15 min writing down what you are thankful for, run on the

treadmill, do a 10 min workout topped off with a 5 min. shower.

There are a lot of things you can do with just 15 min.

Which this helps things go smoothly in the family as well.

Take the mentality of ALL OR NOTHING syndrome out of the equation.

I will talk about this syndrome in another post..until then take 15 min enjoy the day you have.

This is the only day you will get to live for today.  Spend it wisely.

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