Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've been a busy little bee....

I have been trying to craft a little bit...

so I took some letters and painted them...

then put them in a frame like this:

I think I might go back and change the color..I am not sure

I like it to have silver and purple

but the gold framing might be too much and it might all clash.

Right now I am working on a butterfly chandelier

so I started with this plant basket holder:

and spray painted it to silver:

I strung my string tonight...and I already picked out and idea of how I want the design to be

{with the help of my wonderfull hubby}

{and yes! He gets two l's because he is just that wonderfull ;) }

So now I will start putting together all 220 butterfly's I punched out the other day...

I can't wait to see what it will look like:)

Then I wanted to share my wonderful gift from my wonderful Mother in Law:

{She is so special and I love her very much!!}

She sent me this precious angel bear when we lost Naomi Joy two weeks ago.

I cried and held on tight to that little blessing!!

Praise the Lord for the comfort He gives us through others and from Him alone!!!

He is so good to us!!!

He has blessed us beyond measure!

Have a wonderful "rest" of the week :)

I hope to blog to you soon..haha

2 Lovely Comments:

KnowYourOwnHeart said...

Lovely ideas as always! Precious bear too. :) Haven't forgotten that your heart is still sore and tender. Think of you much in prayer. X's and O's dear friend.

kadie dahl said...

Kelly-jo...Sorry, but I'm sooooo stealing that love picture frame idea! So cute! Thanks for sharing : )