Friday, August 5, 2011

Boy Wonder's Impromtu Six Year Old Photo Shoot Teaser

 WOW-say that title ten times fast-hahaha

I know that is a long title..but

I have been craving to do a photoshoot

and I am happy to announce that I got one in today

My little guys birthday was last week and I wanted to do some photos of him

so today we went for a walk/bike ride

{little guy did the bike riding}

and we stopped when Mommy wanted to take some pictures.

Well, here are a few of them-I am in the middle of processing them so there will be more to come

Some of these photos have his ideas in them like this heart one...

and him pretending to be sleeping-hahah

So serious!!!

When you ask him to hold still he gets so serious and doesn't smile.

Daddy's hat was the prop of the day-he really likes it!


And this last one I couldn't help but make it vintage...

Well, that is it for now-I will have a few more I am sure to share and post later on
Make sure you "capture" the everyday and be thankful for each one your given.

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