Monday, July 25, 2011

Day in the Mouth of Caleb

My Husband was talking to little guy this evening-it went something like this:

Little Guy: I would like to get a sign that says "Caleb's Secret Hide-out".  Then we can get one for Lydia..and it will say "Lydia's Room Only"

Hubby: But what if Mommy needs to go in and take care of Lydia?

Little Guy: It will just be a sign,,,,anyone can go in.....then for the other baby we can have "Her nice room"......or...well we don't know if the baby is a boy or about "Nice Room"

Hubby: Well, the baby is going to be a boy....

Little Guy:  No, I think the baby will be a girl

Hubby:  Well, what if the baby isn't a boy or girl?

Little Guy:  Then the baby would be an eyeball.....

*Hahahha-an eyeball?  What goes on in the kiddos mind amazes me!!! He is so funny!!


I can't believe he is going to be SIX in two days!!!!

I can't wait to give him his gift-He has been so excited about Phineas and Ferb...and he likes Perry the Platypus.....

and he was talking about it all day after he saw the talking stuffed animal in the store

and how much he would like it

-and if it was too expensive he could make his own. 

 He talked all day about what neat little things he could do...

"when you squeeze his bill he would...."  "his tail would do this..." 

He is such a joy!!!

I love that little guy and I grow in friendship everyday with him. 

He has been taking really good care of "me and the baby".

Such a sweet kid!!!

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