Monday, July 25, 2011

My Birthday Update-Family Time!

My parents came down for my 30th gasp birthday

they even got to bring down one of my nieces and my nephew.

I was so excited to see them they stayed the whole week for my birthday on July 6th!!

I only get to see my family about once a year-so it was so nice to see them!!

So here are some candids of my family:

I rarely get photos of my nephew-because he doesn't perfer it...

so I only have a few

Funny Face....

Another one

and another one....

Jacob using the gun as a roofing gun-just like his precious!!

See?! The funny faces run in the family....hahaha

They just crack me up!!! So goofy and funny!!

I like slurpees!!

It was so nice that my Brother and Sister in Law allowed me to borrow their children for a week.

I missed seeing them-Christmas can't come any sooner!

I love my family-they are the best!!

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Hannah said...

Glad you had a nice time!