Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Back!! Bed Rest Diaries kinda-plus a catch up post

{I know that that is a very long title-but it works-haha}

Well, in the past week we have traveled a total of 30 hours!! 

UGH!! That consisted of having to stop for restroom breaks about every hour-haha

I blame the baby..haha

 I was thankful though that I only got seriously car sick at about an hour and a half away..

Honestly I hate to "get sick" in front of people!!

I am sure noone likes to get sick in front of others either.

But it could of been worse and I could have been sick all 11 hours of our trip back home.


My Boy Wonder

"shared" an icee with me the other day..

He drank most of it...and stated that he was concerned that if he didn't drink most if it

the baby would freeze to death.

Haha...so innocent-I still think a little bit of greed was involved-but it is okay...

He was watching out for his sibling to be...

at least this is what he claims {wink, wink}

That is about it...more to come:)

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