Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bed Rest Diaries 7-13

Here I am with Day 2:

I was so excited that I was going to finish cutting out my 157 squares for my quilt.

Then when I finished cutting them out I recounted my "pattern" 

{The wonderful Lady from Tea Rose Home created this quilt. I thought it was beautiful

and I wanted to make one like it.  So hence-this photo is my pattern}

and realized I figured incorrectly I needed 216 squares..sigh-back to the cutting board!

Hahah-I had to go pick out some new swatches to cut to add to my pile.

So in between picking new swatches I stopped to get us a snack... 

Mmmmmm!!! Cucumbers, tomatoes and Apple Cider Vinegar-yummy!!

And my sweetie pie son-took a seed and went out back and planted it in my garden-so cute!!

He came in so proud of himself!!  He said that I won't have to worry about cucumbers anymore,

because I can grow my own-since he planted the seed.

After this-it was nap time for Boy Wonder

and I resumed cutting my fabric-and I finished my 216 cuts of  squares.

Now I only have 38  18" x 6"  squares to cut out and 15 more 6 x 6 squares.

I will start piecing them together soon-then I will have to work on my binding.

Maybe I will make my goal of getting this quilt done by the time we get little Liddy.


At least hopefully I will have some "handwork" that I can do on the go.

I would like to make a few flower headbands for me and for Liddy.

I am trying to be more creative with my scraps from fabrics.

If you have any ideas feel free to share-I love to hear new ideas!!


Until later-have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

I am looking to teaching a little bit of sign language to Boy Wonder tomorrow,

and working on his Master Jewel patches for our program at church.

I also need to make a packing list for things for him to take to Nana and Poppa's house.

Gonna miss that little guy!!

3 Lovely Comments:

KnowYourOwnHeart said...

You inspire me, sister! I always feel like I do not have the time for sewing (or when I do just do not want the extra back pain from it).

Lovely pictures, as usual - and what a wonderful, considerate son! :) I'm enjoying your diaries! Keep up the good work!

Joanna Crilly said...

All I can is you're AMAZING!!!

Hannah Mix said...

Hey, good idea! I had some issues when was pregnant with Jonathan, and I made my sister's wedding dress in a week! Then things got better and I was able to get back up and moving around. When I was in labor I was knitting a scarf and took it to the hospital; but, wouldn't you know it, the security guard confiscated my scissors and almost took my knitting needles! haha you gotta watch out for those pregnant ladies with their crafts. :)