Friday, July 15, 2011

Bed Rest Diaries 7-14 written at Midnight-hahah

For the past few days I have cut out my umpteen squares for my quilt.

I kinda got tired of cutting and wanted to actually put something together.

So I worked on 3 Tabby I-Spy Blankets.

This one is for my niece Elizabeth...

I pieced it together until I found a "set up" that I liked

Then I sewed the pieces together.

Then I sewed a piece of corduroy for the back...

then I was finished:

Ta Da!!

Here is the backing for it:

Then I pieced together one for Lydia Anne:

And one

{fingers crossed in case we have a little girl}

for Olivia Grace:

and if we have a baby boy-that is okay Lydia can use both

Then we have one for when the other needs washed.

After I pieced them together and sewed them together

I laid back to watch Curious George with Boy Wonder

and this was the last view I had:

Haha-I didn't even realize that I had fallen asleep.

I thought it was only for a half and hour-

Little guy corrected me and said that he thought it was an hour or more....


So after I woke up I finished Lydia's I-Spy Tabby blanket.

Then I enjoyed dinner with my family-and I am ready to go to bed!

Except I feel the urge to get something to eat!

Cucumber slices dipped in nacho cheese seems like what the baby wants....

Me?  I am not so sure that that is a good mix.....

I also felt the craving for Cocoa Krispies after I poured my cats food into her bowl....

At least I am not craving the cat food-but still that is unique to get a craving just from doing something

Haha.....Well, anyways

I have to be up tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. to get my 32oz for my 7:45 am ultrasound.

I am praying that everything will be okay and they will not have anymore issues.

I also have to be the human pin cushion again...

I will be glad when they don't have to check my counts anymore.

Always remember though that the Lord is so very good!!

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Hannah Mix said...

I love this idea! May I blog about it and link readers back here? (and copy a few pictures) I'll give you all the credit!
(If you'd rather not, that's okay) Hope you're doing okay :)