Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bed Rest Diaries 7-12

I was challenged by one of my close friends to take everyday

and take a unique picture from my view of the day. 

So with camera in hand and taking it easy I found a few things that brightened my day today.

And I wanted to share them with you...


I made this little flower headband today....

I cut out 124 of the 156 squares needed to make the center squares of my quilt.

I will take a picture of them when I finish cutting those out

then I will only a few more 100 sets of squares to cut out-hahah

Then I eyed up a few patterns that I would like to make for my little ones to come:

Then I wanted to take a picture of my little bit of a baby bump:

{please excuse the Boy Wonder fingerprints}

I went downstairs later on to find my kitty like this:

She loves bags!!! 

She will sleep in them often; I have to watch to make sure that she doesn't suffocate.

She is so silly!!

I guess that ends my picture day.

I hope your day was full of fun and joy.

I know that even though I was on bed rest-I enjoyed "picturing" my day!

Thank you for the challenge my dear friend!!!

2 Lovely Comments:

KnowYourOwnHeart said...

Love, love, loved it!! Cute headband too! :)

Joanna Crilly said...

I love this idea!!