Monday, April 4, 2011

Misty pictures

I finally got pictures of my kitty that turned out pretty good.

She is just like the rest of my family..

run and hide when the camera comes out,

or start doing something goofy so that I can't take any pictures...

This time I caught her in between the goofy parts...

I tell you this cat has a very funny personality!

I made a tuna sandwich the other day and since I wouldn't

share with her-she sulked in the corner where her bed was....

then she took off like a crazy thing running around the house,

and then she moved her bed while she sat in it

loudly protesting....

she is such a goof!!

Well, her are her "captured" moments of being her:


Relax and have a wonderful day!!!

1 Lovely Comments:

Irēna said...

She is a real beauty! Look at my black and white family member! They are so wonderful!