Sunday, November 7, 2010

Suit of Armor and a Pillowcase

My Mother sent this set of armor for our little man
It is the Armor Of God-it even has the Belt of Truth!
He liked it so much he wanted to take it to the store with us on Friday
Now that I am looking at the picture-I think the sword is a little on the bent side..unless it is
a trick with the camera hmmm...
anyways-This gift is so super-he Loves it!

I said the other day that I was gonna share what I got at IKEA
 this beautiful pillowcase for .49 cents!!
It has 4 buttons too
Greg asked why I wanted it
I thought that it might make a really cute skirt and his reply?
"My wife is wearing a pillowcase....."
I laughed so hard-he is so funny-I told him that it wouldn't look homely!
That's a guy for you-they need visual-he will like it once he sees it:)


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Crunchy Beach Mama said...

My son was a Knight too! Is he obsessed with knights and dragons like mine is?

If you get a chance come see what new Knight thing we now have in his room from today's post. :)