Sunday, November 7, 2010

Newest Item in My Shop

to enter
I am working on moving my shop to my Happy Homemaker blog. 
I feel that it is easier to remember one long web address then it is to remember two. 
I have a thing for long names-I don't know why but I do-but the fact is I do 
I had a teddy bear that I named Caleb-Josiah-Velvet-Alan-Stormy.
It seems that my name picks were a favorite 
I have a few people that I know
that have named their children after names that I had picked out like:
Caleb Josiah and Jacob Matthew.  Anyways....
I do have a new item in MY SHOP if you would like to take a look
like I said before
it might take a little bit of time to get things all organized over there. 
I plan to try to have a few new things up before Thanksgiving or at least around then. 
I am working on making a few aprons-a few more bow ties-maybe a refashion of sorts...we will see:)
Until that are two pictures of my newest item:

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