Monday, November 8, 2010

The Fabric Sale Lady-and my Studio Pictures

Do you remember the lady that was having a fabric sale at her house?
Well this is how it went...
She was quite high in prices
and there was fabric and scraps everywhere!!
A lot of her "fabrics" were
clothing pieces
she had cut pieces out of it and left the rest as scrap material.
She was trying to sell them a grocery bag full for $5!
I think that is way too much-for scrap clothing-no less
I did find some yardage she wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for
I was so nervous and yet not sure what would happen...
So I prayed that I wouldn't buy more than what I needed and put
my $10 on the table and told her this is all that I had for spending
at her fabric sale.
She somewhat cut me a deal-wasn't that great but I did get a few things that I wanted
2 packs of machine needles
couple "scrap" fabrics
about 2-3 complete yards of really pretty fabric
A $18.95 book for $2.00!
I ended up spending $11.00-but the Lord gave it all back double
later on in the day!
I will have to take a picture so that you can see the nice material
I think it will make a nice purse!

Oh I forgot to post pictures of my before and after of my sewing room:
{not for the faint of heart}

I had to put everything upstairs so that it was out of the way
This is the tornado that happened
My Studio
so much better!!!

I have more fabric in my other closet that isn't pictured
but this gives you a gist of what my studio looks like:)

It has been so nice to have a studio!! 
A place that I can leave up my sewing projects
I am so thankful for this little room!!

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Marie said...

Hi there,

New follower here from the Blog Hops. Your blog is just wonderful. Love the layout and look. I will definitely enjoy reading more in the future.

Please come by and visit/follow me too. I love new followers and readers.

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Amy said...

Way to go! Such a great workspace!
I'm following from follow us monday morning. You can stop by my blog at I've got some great giveaways going on--2 low entry ones that are ending today!