Friday, May 16, 2008

Life and Pictures

This is located at the front of out new ACME store:

Right next to the handicapped parking.

Caleb "fixing" the door with my gloves, and shoes on. He is so silly!

Calebs first time blowing bubbles all by himself-he is growing up so quickly!!

Greg- is vaccuming the sand out of the backyard. He cannot stand the sand being all over the yard:)

PJ's and Poppa Hat and Daddy's Shoes...

What items in this drawer do not belong?
(answer at the bottom of this post)

A storm that was brewing at our home the other day

Made another KJ (DQ) ice cream cake

Dad's little helper!

Answer to Question:
The wrench and the finger puppet are the items that do not belong in my cooking drawer-but somehow they just appeared in there-guess my little helper thought that I could use them later-he is just so thoughtful!

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