Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God is so Good!

My new Toy that I purchased with some of my Birthday money from last year(Birthday in July) is a KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer! I was interested in getting one so I went ahead and looked for one at a good price. This one is worth 270.00 dollars and I paid $95.70! I was so excited-my first creation was Deep Dish Brownies-they were so good!

Next-Greg and I talked about getting another freezer because my chest deep freeze is so full with all the groceries so we needed one for treats-ice cream and the like-particulary my KJ ice cream cake. Well, I looked on ebay to see if we could get one for cheap and pick it up. Then I decided to check Freecycle and post a wanted for a freezer. Well, about two to four hours later a lady wrote me back saying that she had a freezer if I would like it. We were so excited! So here is my "new" freezer-it is a 1998 yer old-which is younger than our chest freezer. The Lord was so good to us!! Isn't it nice?Now Greg can have his KJ ice cream cake!

Then I had a jumper dress that was quite large on me so I decided to make it into a skirt it looks so much better now and fits so much better! It looks really wrinkled in the picture but-it turned out so well! I'll probably do this again to some of the other jumpers that I have that are too big.

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