Friday, May 16, 2008

Savings, savings.....

Here's some sales I found

25-Aveeno lotion
15-trail size lotion

Deal at Target:(couple weeks ago)
Buy 3 Aveeno get a $5 gift card

So a rolling I went:

Total cost $79.85 paid with coupons and gift cards $5.05 oop(out of pocket)

Another round at Target:

There are 180 packages of lipton tea to go in my little bag here
there are 4 packs inside each packet which means I have 720 packets of tea:)

Used Targets printable coupon for a $1 off any Lipton Tea

Cost Value is $178.20 I paid with coupons so $0 oop (out of pocket)

Target(DE) Tax Free:)
16-1lb Cat food bags
13-cat treats
Total Cost $57.71 paid with coupons $0.57 cents oop (out of pocket)(because I purchased 5 treats in Pa-(tax))

The Days of Coupons are Never ending:)

The Storm before the Calm

This is the my little storm-coupon re-organizing

Hopefully more deals to be posted in the future.

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