Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jan 23,2008-A little chilly but not to bad

Good Morning to all!!

This morning is a little brisk! Not too bad. Caleb asked if he could play outside today. So I bundled him up and sent him out, put on a timer for fifteen minutes so he would know when it is time to come in. Well, he did not last that long at all-I think he was out there for five to ten minutes, he is such a freeze baby, it just was too cold for him.

It is Wednesday-I can't believe it is mid week-it has gone by so fast!

For those who did not know-we just got our car stolen on Sat evening. The police found it that Sunday afternoon and towed and stored it(costing us $250!!So much for punishing the thief!!). They printed it but could not find anything. So our thief is walking around still stealing I imagine. The adjuster may be buy soon-Greg thinks that they are going to total the car. All in the Lord's hands-he must have something planned for us for sure.

I finally got my wedding ring back in one piece. I was so glad that Greg found the diamond.


Jess is still doing fine so far-she will probably carry the baby to full term. Jacob got tubes in his ears and his adenoids taken out-he is doing really well. Just keep him in your prayers for his heart murmur-I am sure the Lord will heal it. Stephen has a good job and pay. He works every day which means a steady paycheck-this is good for him and his family. They've moved in with my folks in hopes of getting a safe place to live. They are doing well!


My parents are busy with work, and my brother and his family. I think it is nice for them to have little Jacob around. As usual mom tells me that we need to move back home. All in the Lord's timing and that is not right now. Pray for my dad-his work is trying to pull a little shift change that will cost them the ability to come visit us. I love it when they come down-because if the do not come down then I only get to see them once to twice a year. I am praying that they will not mess up his schedule-he has been so good to that company I just pray that they can be good to him.


Mom and Dad Cole are doing well-busy,busy-but well. They have been working at their church most of the week to finish the antics' kitchen. I guess the Lord had really blessed them in finding the cabinets that they needed to finish the kitchen up. They said that it looks really nice.
They will be coming back down in a few weeks to see us and to put in new flooring in our foyer/entry way. That is if Dad does not get called back to work early-Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!! I love spending time with them! Mom and I get along very well! It seems that our friendship grows everytime they come down. We usually go to Golden Corral at least twice when they come down. It is our usual-then we go to walmart afterwards to walk off the too full feeling:).


We are very busy anymore. Let's see what is new:

Well, I've started saving our family a lot of money with the use of coupons. Any more I only pay 20-0% of the cost of items that I purchase-of course this saves us a bundle. With a savings of 80-100% each week we are able to put this savings back in to help us towards other things that need to be taken care of.

Greg and I finished Discipleship-I just have previous lessons to catch up with and then we will have a graduation service. We have been working hard!!

Caleb is growing up so quick! He is 3ft 4in in height. Most people think that he is three-five. He can listen to a CD a few time through and he has already got the basics of the songs and can sing it Caleb-ez'(his own language), he is so smart-he gets this from his Daddy. Greg can read a verse through two or three times and he has it pretty much memorized. Then there is those of us that it takes many times through to get the verse correct and sumwhat memorized. I just laugh and try my hardest to keep up with them. :)

Well, little one needs a nap so off I go to take care of the needs of our little home. Until next time, My Love To All!!

*******************Pictures to enjoy!*******************************

My little lemon head-yes that is a lemon in his mouth-he really likes them!

Caleb and his coat of many colors he made in Sunday School

This one is great!!!!

Our lamp had broken and so....

Greg fixed it with his trusty side-kick:Duck Tape.

Lovely isn't it!? I was so thankful that he got it to work-we really like this lamp.

Then he got the replacement parts for the lamp and really fixed it:

Looks great doesn't it?
Greg is so amazing, you should see all the stuff he fixes around here!!!

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hey ko, your blog title 'happy homemaker & momma' fits you perfectly! great job sis.