Friday, February 8, 2008

Just for Giggles

I found this on a website for Refund cents. The lady on there is selling shirts with the following slogan:

"Top Ten Reasons NOT to Get Behind Me in Line"
10) I have OCD: Obsessive Coupon Disorder
9) I'm the crazy coupon lady you've heard about. Really.
8) I save $59.22 on a $60 order. I'm trying to beat my record.
7) If patience isn't your virtue, change lines.6) I'm protected under the Right-to-Coupon Act.
5) "Price Check"
4) Five separate receipts should do it.
3) I may be slow, but my groceries are free.
2) I have coupons, and I know how to use them.
1) This hobby is paying for my next cruise!

I thought that it fit me to the "T"!! I know that my mom is sitting there laughing after she reads this-don't laugh your gonna be like this too!

Our savings has increased by the blessings of the Lord and his guidance in couponing. Last month we earned $3,600 in groceries and paid maybe $250 for all of it. Coupons make a BIG difference!!!I am quickly running out of stockpile space. The Lord has truly blessed us-Thank you Lord!!

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