Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday Again

I still have not had the chance to write another post just yet. Things have been a little bit hectic around here. My parents are coming today to spend a few days with us!! I am so excited!!

Then next week we will be going to Alexandria,Virgina/Washington D.C. (anniversary trip) and then the next day we are going to take our youth group to New York!! Busy,Busy,Busy!! Then in the next week we kinda get a break. Then we will go on vacation with Mom and Dad Cole!!! We did this last year to Florida-it was so cool. I really enjoyed myself and getting to know my "in-law kin" better. We really had fun-I am looking forward to this time around. After that we have Missions Confrence, and then Pastor goes in for surgery and will be six weeks off from work-so we will be pretty busy again-especially Greg! I will be starting to clean up the Christian Life Center again here pretty soon. Well, as soon as I catch my breathe I will be sure to write a little more. You laugh at what happened this past week! Alright, have a wonderful day to all!!! Toodles!

Our little Boy Wonder and his "train-lineup" that he made:

Here is his line up-notice the detail, they all touch, and the funniest is that he put the smallest vehicle in the front of the line:

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