Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"My Short Break"

I still do not have time to post yet, I just finished cheater carpet cleaning the living room. Caleb has had a better attitude today. He is taking his nap and he did it without too much fussing. Yes, he still fussed but it was not as much as he usualy does. Today is my Home Blessing Day-usually I do that on Monday but since my parents were here I would rather spend time with them.

Please pray for our family (Holliday side) we are having some serious struggles with some things right now. Just pray that the Lord has his way and he accomplishes what we are hoping he will.

Only 11 days til vacation time!!! Sweetness for sure!!

Does anyone else really enjoy the smell of lemons? I just can not seem to get enough of it!!!I wish it was a perfume, that probably would be my favorite scent! Well, I need to finish Discipleship Homework. I will try to get some time to write here soon.

Love to all from us all!!!

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