Wednesday, August 29, 2007


As you can see it has been a busy day here in our little home. We have been everywhere and anywhere today. I will write more of it tommorrow, but I did not want to keep our fans waiting too long for another post, so this one will be short since my discipleship homework needs to be finished. I do have some pictures though:

This is the sewing/play/nursery room all finished with paint.
And this is Caleb in his Sunday best, I had him pose for me on Sunday. He is so cute-I think he could win some cute kid competitions. Okay,okay,okay-mommies are allowed to be bias!

He is spinning in circles with a pair of my cullottes that Iam fixing-on his head!
He never ceases to amaze me! Wait til you hear about our whole adventure today and from yesterday!!! Wild!!! Now his is in my cullottes spinning in circles-if it was not for the blurred picture that would result I would post a picture of this interesting event! If only you could hear him-he is squealing because he thinks he is being so silly. He just threw the culottes over my head and ran away laughing. I tell you-if you ever get bored come to my house!

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