Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quick-The Daylight Wont Last Forever!

I know it has been
Quite Awhile 
since I have posted.
I have been thoroughly
my children.
I have been
Capturing Moments
whenever possible.
I have been
every second of time that I can.
Breathing in the
Joy & Laughter
that fills my home.
Thankful to God
for such blessings!
I have had a few things happen while I have been absent; a few birthdays have come and gone.
My camera had a mishap that ended up being a blessing in disguise. 
I was able to cash in on my warrenty and
upgrade my Canon Rebel XS to a Canon 60D (body) and  I still had enough left over
to get a Tameron 24-78mm 2.8 Lens!
I have been enjoying taking photos (as usual-not like that would surprise anyone) with my
new camera and lens.
Well, I think that catches us up to now. So off to the rest of my post :)
Here are a few photos that I took that Inspire me to keep capturing the moments:
"Loving the Lemon" 

"My Cute Piggytales"
"Adorable Blue Eyed Homeschooler" 
Have you taken any photos that
Remember each day only happens
The sunrise that you see today
will never
happen the
way again.

Capture the moments of your children
each breath, each smile, each laugh,
each joy and each tear
each failure, and each success
each hug, and each kiss
Every little thing!
 Capture it
Because before you know it
they will be
Remember children don't need parents in order to grow up.
They grow everyday
our permission
(Believe me I know it, and I am sure you do too)
Children need parents to love them
train them
to do right
and to help them to learn to 
the life God has given to them.
My children love to see me take their photos!
They love to see themselves on the screen.
I believe that if you capture them
you will capture their hearts!
We only have them in our homes for a
amount of time!
Make it count!

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