Thursday, December 19, 2013

Captured: Snowflakes: God's Beautiful Design

I spent about an 


on my 

side stoop 

at our  

new home

the other day.

I was


  in the 

freezing cold

to try to make a feeble 

attempt to catch


 masterful work.

As the winds blew on that day;

the snowflakes seemed to just float in the air, 

so graceful and frail not bothered by the chill.  

They landed ever so gently 

on the mounds of white that lay at my feet.

I knelt, shivering and trying not to breath my heated breathe upon

the delicate, frozen masterpieces that lay before me.

Billions and billions of droplets 
crystallized, crafted and created to bring glory to God.
                   If God would care about

how each of these snowflakes looked,

 how much the more He cares for me!


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