Thursday, April 26, 2012

Honesty IS the best policy

I am here to be honest to you.

To give my honest opinion on things.

I think that there is something I must share.

I know that it might not make some people happy sharing my "personal" business.

I just don't want anyone to think that I am "high and mighty" because the only that is is God.

I have had a burden on my heart to feed my family healthy and nourishing foods.

I feel led by God to seek out these healthy foods.

I know that healthy foods are expensive-so I am very frugal and keep a price book.

I want to make sure that every single cent is spent wisely, and to the fullest it can be stretched.

So with that here is my honesty for all to see and hear:

My grocery budget is $45.00 a week for us as a family of four.

A gallon of raw milk comes in at $7.99-this is extremely expensive.

But, our health I think is worth the expense.

I have saved and pinched the penny in other areas so that we can have this nourishing milk.

I am not rich-and I don't pretend to be.

My Father in Heaven is rich and He will give to me what I need.

(and a lot of times He gives me wants)

I can not afford organic produce, and I can't afford grass fed meat, or free range chicken.

Would I like to feed my family this?

Well, of course I would

but I think the money is better spent on good milk,

and good butter and vegetables and fruits and a

few grains and natural sweetners.

I strive to have something new for my family to try at least once a month if not more.

I also pray every meal that God will fill in the gaps in our food.

And that He will protect us from anything harmful that we are consuming.

I don't want to blog with false pretenses-I want to be clear as glass.

And I am sure someone isn't gonna be happy that I post this for the world to see.

But I have to be honest-especially if I am going to blog on nutrition and nourishing my family.

I am not rich-I know that nourishing a family can be a little costly.

But I am not worried-the Lord knows and He will provide.

I pray before I shop to make sure it is something that will nourish my family.

I also shop around and call places to try to find better prices.

I even had a kind friend tell me that if I researched the area her family lives in,

for milk and free range eggs-that when she went out there she would pick them up for me.


God has provided a way for me to get nourishing food.

Yes, $45.00 a week for a family of four is very small-especially in this economy.

I believe that God can help me stretch it to it's limits.

I just have to do my research and work in finding the best prices:)

So there you have it-transparency at its best.

Things can be tough and challenging with this amount, that is the truth.

But I am thankful that I have a budget and a God that owns everything.

He put this desire in my heart and He will see it through and provide-as long as I do my part.

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