Monday, March 5, 2012

Review of Land O Lakes All Natural Eggs

I recently received a package from Vocalpoint to do a review on

Land O Lakes  All Natural Eggs. 

This is the package that this came in:

Isn't that just adorable?!!!  I love it!!

So cute!

Then I opened it to more adorability

STOP cute!!!  The coupons inside were shaped like little eggs!!!

At this point they already won me over with such cute packaging.


since I have been trying to feed my family more RAW whole foods,

I quickly jumped to the store to get my all natural eggs.

They are so yummy!!!

(They do taste the same as "regular" eggs. I didn't really see a difference.)

Eggs are so easy to incorporate into the daily meals.

You can make an omelet, a quiche , cookies using these yummy all-natural eggs.

Remember the quality of food you put it determines the outcome of nutritional value.

These eggs are wonderful!!!

There would only one downside of them and that would be the cost factor.

They do pack a punch on the wallet  a dozen for $3.69 is a little expensive.

But if you have coupons it does help to lower the cost just a little.

And there you have it a review on the All Natural Eggs from Land O Lakes.

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