Monday, September 12, 2011

A little peak at our sneak away vacation last week....

{this is a 4" kite that I bought my hubby-it flies really well!!!}

Hubby buried himself in the sand so that he would be shorter than me...
then he wanted a picture of the two of them:)

Sigh...makes me want to go back..haha


School started today at 8:30-at 9:28 I heard Boy Wonder ask if school was almost over!!

Haha-he is in for a surprise since he goes all day now.

Hard to believe he is in first grade!!


This year I am teaching all of the Music Classes- elementary up to high school.

It will be a blast!

Hopefully I will have an exciting post to share very soon....{eeeeeee}

it should be very exciting:)

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