Friday, September 9, 2011

Enjoying a quick family getaway....

We are enjoying a little quick family getaway to celebrate our

8th Wedding Anniversary

{We were married Sept. 6 of the best days ever}

and to go out one more time before school starts for Boy Wonder and me on Monday.

I happened to snag a few minutes of internet so that I could

catch up on the email and other things on the web.

{thankful that our little hotel has free wifi!!}

Anyways...I will not be able to get any internet service until Monday.

{we are kinda shopping to get a better deal-they wanted to charge us over $60!!
that is way to much for internet...anyways....}

Maybe by Monday I will have some photos of our trip to the Ocean.

I will tell you that

it has been nice to just sit and talk to my hubby without any distraction!

And watch my little boy make cities in the priceless and cute!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

See you Monday!

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