Thursday, July 28, 2011

A few Photos-and Day in the Mouth of Boy Wonder

Here is some of the photos I took the other day at Longwood Gardens

Then I used a few textures...

Then here is my Favorite Little Boy!

{He has been a sport in letting me take his photo with the patch on}

He has to wear a patch for 2 weeks to help his eyes.

His right eye is so strong that his left eye doesn't want to do some of the work.

This in turn can cause him the chance of possibly going blind in that eye.

So if 2 weeks makes that eye heal and do what it is suppose to do-then that is good.

It has been difficult but he has been a good sport.

I will try to do his 6 year photo session after he gets done with the 2 weeks.

And yet here is another photo of a butterfly{grin} 

And this is the Day in the Mouth of Boy Wonder:

Caleb is taking 10 min a day for 30 days to pray.  My hubby set the alarm for 10 min.

Little guy comes in:  "The alarm went sounded a lot like a baby crying."

And I have to agree when the phone is on vibrate-it doesn kinda sound like a baby crying...

wah wah wah wah.....hahahah-I love that boy-so clever and so funny!!!

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