Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Bump Joy

They say that when you have your second child that you tend to show earlier

Whoever they are...

They weren't clothing is tight and uncomfortable

so I figured that I might want to start documenting our kiddo #3's journey.

So I took my first photo marking 6 weeks.

{Hello Little One!!!}

I officially finished my first jar of Claussen Deli Style Spears-and it was good!!

Between garlic deli pickles and anything lemon we are doing well.

I keep having a craving for a

stuffed crust pizza with mushrooms, green peppers,

chicken, pineapple.

At lest every time I crave it

it is too late and they are closed...hahaha

I am glad for this!

My goal is to only gain what is needed-not the extra of going crazy

because " I am eating for two"...

I want the baby to be healthy and for me to be healthy.


Lately I am battling the Morning Sickness sometimes all day long.

It also kinda limits what I can eat to keep my stomach calm.

I am glad to have broth and to have some rice...

maybe Oodles of Noodles-it just kind of depends on the day

I have to admit though that I am kinda happy that I don't have a craving

for chocolate anymore-it is kinda nice!!


I have recently purchased a treadmill!

It was a $304  treadmill for $50!!!

The lady was looking to move and needed to sell the treadmill.

It was such a blessing and the Lord timed it out just right!!!

She had only used it 3-4 times and joked about her cat not using it.

She had a good humor-I hope and pray that all goes well with her move.

I am grateful to her for her treadmill!

I am going to keep "moving"

so that my delivery goes smoother and easier in February.

As long as I have my doctors okay

{So don't worry about me Mom- I'll get permission-hahah}

Well, I think that catches you up to date with

what has been going on in our little world.


How about a little "A Day in the Mouth of Boy Wonder"?

{to those on facebook-I apologize-you've probably already read these-ha}

BW: "Mommy, is this the stomach milk?"

Me: "What do you mean?"

BW: "You know, the milk with the fat in it?"

BW: "Daddy! Listen to Mommy's tummy-I think she has a baby elephant in there!!"

BW: {Singing this upstairs} " I did a bad thing....I did a bad thing...."

{I have no clue what he was talking about-hahah}

I think that is all that I can remember at this time.

I am sorry but I seem to be living my "everyday adventures" on facebook lately.

I will try to correct this-I am sorry about that.

Things are a catch of a moment here and there....

I have been working hard when I get a second wind

...and the other times I am napping-haha.

Thank you for being so loyal as my readers!!

 I appreciate it!!

You give me a reason to write.

Have a Wonderful Happily Filled Night!!!

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Amber said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly #3 pops out? This time around (#3) the first clue that I was pregnant was that I was getting a belly, and that was prior to 6 weeks!