Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Field Trip to Farm...with Photos

We had a lot of fun at the K-5 field trip!

I had FOUR BOYS in my van!!!

30-45 min drive and they didn't kill each other!!

Hahhaaha, they really did very well-I am so proud of them.

Then when we arrived we were 15 min early and they told us the kids had to stay in the car.

OH.....apparently they don't have boys or kids in general.

Make them sit for another 15 min!!  I don't think they'll make it!

They have energy welling up inside of their little bodies....


For having to sit for that long-they did very well.

Only a few muddy footprints on the seat{which can be cleaned up easily}

a burnt finger{Caleb being macho earlier}

a jacket with food and maybe a little mud on it

little fingers with grease from the doors

with that list I think we were doing okay.

See, they are all in one piece.

Time to tour the Farm.  First on our list was the rules

Then we saw the sheep

Then off to see the garden

I got a picture of a grapevine.....
I added texture to it

there wasn't a lot of picture perfect plants in the garden.

After the gardens we went to go see some newborn calf:

Then they got to milk a cow...the chickens came next:

Here is Boy Wonder holding a chick...

We also got to see a baby piggy!!

It was so cute...

as far as what we could see "he" was tucked under his mommy's tail:

Then we washed our hands and ate our lunches.

Then we posed for pictures:
eh hemmmm....

I am trying to get in the picture here...

Ahhhh, thank you!

The sheep were so funny!

I also took some random photos of the little girls that came with us on our trip:

That is about it for photos....

It was a fun trip! 

I hope that you have a wonderful week!!

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kadie dahl said...

As always- AWESOME pics! I always loved going to farms/the zoo for field trips. So much fun : )