Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Updates and Adoption Diaries March 29

Wow!!! Time flies when your busy!!

Hubby said that I could take a break today

and not have to worry about adoption paperwork!

Oh and poor Boy Wonder has a cold-he sounds awful!

I feel bad for him-but hopefully he will make it through the school day.

I was contacted by a few of my friends and family and blog readers;

and they expressed the interest in me documenting this process of adoption.

So I will work hard to try document everything that is happening

and/or will happen.

I hope that this information is useful and that it encourages you.

I do thank you for the encouragment many of you have given me through this!!


Well, we have heard news that we will find out if the baby is a girl or a boy

on April 21 st!!! 

I can't wait!

Maybe I will get some ultrasound photos.

On the other side of news...

I spent most my afternoon yesterday calling our


getting some finalizing information.

It was a long day that is for sure.

I learned more yesterday than I think my brain could hold.

We have to have two lawyers to go through this adoption.

As you can imagine that means the price is a little higher with having to

pay for two lawyers.

The costs will be about $6,000 for both unless it takes more time-

then we are looking at $250 an HOUR!!!

{I am in the wrong business that is for sure!! :)}

We also have to do a homestudy which will cost $2,500

Then we need to figure our hotel costs{if we need one}

and our gas costs in traveling down to

North Carolina, etc....

So we are figuring by the time all is said and done

and preparing for any misshaps

we will be looking at $12,000 for this adoption.

{"My" child is worth it and has longer lasting value

than anything else that I could buy.]

I am not sure how we will come up with the money to afford this adoption


God will provide a way!!

He always has and always will.

Through hard work and determination this will turn out to be

All to God's glory!!

Well, there is a lot more that I can share-but I will leave it for the next post.

Like I said-my head is filled to the brim with new knowledge of things...

all for the better I am sure:)

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