Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Wonder

I have been missing huh?  At least now you understand why....

Especially after my big announcement of Adoption yesterday!

How exciting!!!

Continue to pray

for our future child's Birth Mother

 who will herein be named as


which I will shorten it to


I picked this name because it means

"God has answered"

and truly God has answered my prayer!

Pray for peace for Ellie and strength as she goes through this time.

Pray for our friendship as well-I want to be a friend that she can turn to.

Pray for her parents as well; as they encourage her through out the process.

The Lord has taken a little life and changed {or will change}so many other people's lives!!

Please pray for the adoption to run smoothly as well.

I can't wait to find out what the baby is!

Then we can start picking out names!!
{BIG GRIN!!!!}

And buying clothes and bedding and I can make things!!!

EEEEEEEE!!!!! I am so excited!!

Please can you also pray for strength for us as we start pushing ahead..

I think that we have to have a home study done and then we can proceed to other legal matters.

I am praying that everything will be complete by the time our little blessing is born

{at least everything finished by the first month of life for the little one}

I am so amazed and anxious!!!!

Can you also pray for us to have the finances for legal fees as well?

Thank you so much!!!

You are such dear readers!!!

Closing with a photo I took yesterday while driving through Amish Country

{course I was a passanger and this was taken while moving}

"Great is Thy Faithfulness O God My Father"

3 Lovely Comments:

anabieu said...

EEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!! :-D im so excited for you guys and i will definitely be praying that everything goes well!!!! i cant wait to see the new baby :))))

Pam said...

I am so excited for you!!! How much will the legal fees be? Are you paying for any other expenses? Let us know so we can pray for specific needs. Love you!!!

kadie dahl said...

Gorgeous picture, and truly touching post! I'll kepp ya in my prayers : ) Good luck with the little one!