Friday, March 25, 2011

My First Cutie Pie Purchase

Here is our first purchase for Cutie Pie:

A Skip Hop Sadle Bag for on the back of a stoller.

I really liked this and Skip Hop is a good name brand as well.

I really like these diaper bags as well, but the cost is a little too much to have a classy diaper bag...$89.00 can afford me a whole slew of diapers-which would be a wiser investment
than to spend that on a bag to hold diapers..don't you think?!
But anyways here are my favs:

and then I went to look for some other bags and found out that this one is my one and only favorite..hahahaha

Isn't it cute?!  And then I saw the picture of how BIG it really is:


very cute but I am wondering about this

at least it would be able to house all of my

items that live in my purse!

So it might be just right..hahha

So what was your first Baby purchase?

{Oh and By the way only 183 days......}

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