Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life is Crazy!!

It is true Life is Crazy....

especially mine.

I am happily content for it to be so-but also grateful when I have a moment of silence.

{rare occasion}

It seems that I have started to enjoy photography a little more each day!

I had my first portrait session just last week-such a blast!!

The folks who reviewed my photos really liked them

{so there's hope for me after all... hahaha}

Here is one that I did for an assignment
{those who are on facebook sorry that I am posting this photo again}

Of course, do you think that I saved this photo in my library without the word

Melancholy on it?

Of course I didn't-UGH!!!

So now I have to recreate the picture

and I am not sure that I remember what I did to it

{my eyes are starting to cross..sigh}

Besides that flubber of a no brain moment things have been running smooth.

Today the news was that

Boy Wonder snuck a backpack FULL of toys to school.

Hubby said that he could barely get it to zip up after he pulled out his books for school.

This is what sonny boy said:

"Daddy, Mommy knows that I had this many!!"

So now I would like to know what Mommy is responsible for permitting my son to

take that many toys to school...come on step forward...give me your name...

I know your out there......Boy Wonder has got to be telling the truth...

He is really getting into this whole Superman thing!!!

I have no clue where in the world he came up with this new fascination with this "Superman"!

He even asked for glasses to go with his tie so that he could be Clark Kent!

He is hilarious!!

Trains are still his favorite but they are in a tie with Superman for first place....

Honchen comes in second....this is Honchen:
{once again sorry Facebook users-here is another repeat photo}

Boy Wonder likes to make up names-and that is the name he came up with-and he is stickin' to it!

Well, at least this gives you a run down on the action from my side of the world.

I hope yours is sunny and warm and full of delight-just like mine!

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