Friday, February 25, 2011

First Portrait Session!!

Brittany is turning 13!!!!

So to celebrate we did a photo shoot!!

My First One to be exact!!

Brittany is such a great girl, she is so funny as seen in the photo below!

It was so much fun to work with her!

Here are a few photos from her shoot.

So what do you think? Any hints or helps?

I am all ears....


Thank you so much Brittany for letting celebrate this special day with you!!

Happy 13th Birthday!!!

3 Lovely Comments:

Irēna said...

a beautiful girl and really nice pictures!

Momma of 3 said...

Lovely Photos for a lovely did an awesome job.


Stephany said...

Great pics! I have what they call "the eye" and I LOVE the angles you used!
She s so pretty BTW, she is going to break a lot of hearts!