Sunday, January 2, 2011


My stupid card reader isn't working right now on my laptop-so I am sorry to make you wait for the wonderful photos I have of my nephew and niece....but I think it just might be worth the wait.  They are so adorable! My niece {who is 2}sat for a half an hour or more just to let me take her picture-I've heard that she doesn't do that for anyone...hehehhehe I guess it is the ol'Aunt's charm-hahaha.

I am looking forward to starting our routine this week-Boy Wonder starts school next week-so I have this week to finish my school lessons and to get geared up to starting again..sigh...this is a good sigh not a bad one-not to confuse anyone- Oh, and if you are reading this post-you get an extra entry for the Snapware giveaway-just put in the phrase I can't wait to see the photos..hahahhahaha-just kidding- just put in that you read my January 2nd post-thank you for being so loyal to me!!

Well, off to bed for me-up at 5:30a.m. to go to the gym with a few friends...sleep well.
I Needed to add a photo just for photo sake... 
 My Dimples playing with his Zhu Zhu pets
Good Night..

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