Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am back!!! Yippy for the New Year!!

I know that I have written so little this past week-but I was at my parents house to celebrate Christ's birthday with them.  We had a blast!!!!  I have some photos to share-more portrait photos but they are neat-I was so excited to get to see everyone! 
Our New Year service went well last night-Hubby was one of the preachers for the night.  Boy Wonder didn't make it until midnight-he was exhausted!!  We were up at 4:30a.m. (yes there is another 4:30 in the day-hehehe) and traveled about 7 hours to get back home-and he didn't take a nap.  We put him down for one, but he chose not to take one.  I don't understand it.....but I for sure took one!  Mine lasted for 4 hours!! {of course I stayed up until 3:00a.m. so that I could enjoy every last moment of time with my mom} Then we had our service at church from 9:00p.m.-12:10a.m.  I was exhausted-so exhausted that I slept in!  I got up around 11:30a.m.!!!  I was truly tired! 
I am looking forward to this new year with new goals and plans-I am hoping to have some time this coming week to expound on my goals-but until then-Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the brite new year that the Lord has given to us-as well as the past year he blessed us with.

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