Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Simplicity Photo Challenge...MOOD

This week the theme is MOOD. The mood of your photo can be happy, sad, peaceful or whatever but the photo should convey a mood with or without a face.
Here is my entry:

This was the picture before I edited it:
The mood would be:
"Sunny";) & "Peaceful"

Random Thought

Have you ever noticed that at most car dealerships there are no trees?

Probably to keep this from doing this to their lot ; )

And that is my random thought for today;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beauty in the everyday.....

Paper Hear Camera's Photo Challenge: 

Beauty in the everyday.....

The beauty in my everyday is God's Word. 
Now it isn't everyday that we sit outback and have a campfire
and read our Bibles-but we do read them everyday.....
together as a family-which is the most beautiful thing for my everyday!

Photography love...

Free Diapers at Rite Aid/After coupons,gift card, and Up Rewards:)

Free Diapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And a few other good deals

 This Week at RiteAid

go check out the post HERE!!!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Wonderful Husband!!!!

Since I have started working at Caleb's School as the full time Elementary Music Teacher, my dear husband has been helping out with getting the things done around the house!  He is just so wonderful-I don't think he realizes how much this really helps me and eases my stress!  He folded the laundry the other day and put away the dishes one morning and put the dirty dinner dishes in the dishwasher.  It is so sweet that he is helping me out so much!!  I really really appreciate it-so this post is just for him to say thank you and how much I really love you!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Winner: You Paid What?! Feature

Winner of the Featured for You Paid What?! Goes to:
A little about this Gal:
 Who is "The Frugal Free Gal?"

"I am a proud military wife and a mother to a beautiful two year old daughter. I taught second grade before I decided that I wanted to stay at home with my first child, and I LOVE being a stay at home mom. I have a calico cat. I love blogging, working out, gardening, vacations, spending time with family and friends, thrift store shopping, coupon clipping, deal finding, and more! I love to make thrift store runs for items like children's clothes, books, and toys and I LOVE finding things for free to almost free!

I haven't always been frugal. I learned to be frugal after graduating college. I started saving in 2005 with my first teaching job. Not only did I start saving in 2005, we (my family) started giving more. I learned that there was more reward and satisfaction in giving than receiving. I do not place value in what we own, what I wear or what I drive. In fact, I brag to others about finding things at Goodwill and thrift stores. It is fun to find good deals, because I know that if I save in these areas, I can help others out in need in the future, and not go into debt by doing so. I also know that God has had His hand in this and has provided me with some financial wisdom these past few years. Now, I would like to share that with you.

How did I get started with coupons? I ran across another frugal blog and saw something called a "stockpile." I thought it was insane. After inquiring about this stockpile, I started hearing things like, "they are getting these items for free or next to nothing." I researched a little further and started digging deeper into how these people were getting this and paying very little for it. That's when I ran into some of the blogs that are currently on my Deal Watch List. They do the work for you and tell you where to find the deals and which coupons to use. I have always used an occasional coupon here and there but a few months ago, I decided I wanted to master the art of using coupons. I became hooked when I saw how much I was saving at the register. I have received so many free to almost free items through the use of coupons and plan to continue learning how to save even more.

This is how "The Frugal Free Gal" came to be. I have always enjoyed sharing my ideas with others. As I learn new tips and tricks, I share them with you here. When a free sample comes my way, I post it here. It pays to be frugal. Use your savings to help others in need, to go on that vacation you have been wanting to go on, or to put towards a child's future education."

So go and join her at her blog and see how she saves with the day to day expenses of running a household:)

Don't forget to add your featured button to your blog-keep up the good work inspiring other's to be wise with their money!!

Thank you to all of the "gals" that linked up to this You Paid What?! linky party!  Don't forget to link up this next week it will be up on Monday and end on Saturday. I can't wait to can see what you have for us for this next week!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Workday Friday:)

We are very busy today-rearranging and cleaning out the basement:)  I am so excited can't wait to get rid of most of this stuff-at least someone else will get the benefit of it:)  Here is what I took to Goodwill earlier this week:

Can't wait to see what we take today:)

Have a wonderful Friday!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Need office supplies-never fear-got a coupon right here;)

Office Depot has a coupon here:

Office Depot: $10 off any $25 Purchase Coupon


As Promised My You Paid What?! For This Week...

These groups of  pictures are my recent trips to the stores.

Retail Price Comes To:
Out of Pocket(or OOP) Expense Comes To:
but I have $20.00 I got back in Catalina's so...
 $5.43 "OOP"
10pkgs Kraft Cheese
6 pkgs of Olivio Butter 2pks(total of 12 tubs)
7 pkgs of bacon
3 cartons of brown eggs
1 pkg of bounty paper towels
2 circus peanuts
1 pkg of capri sun

14 pkgs of boneless breaded chicken breast

2- Alive Multi-vitamin(only one pictured)
1- seat (not pictured)
1-Can cooler (NP)
1-alum. thermos (NP)
2- pinwheels
3-pairs of sandals
1-set of gloves for Boy Wonder
1-Garden Set for Dirt Box (For Boy Wonder)
1-Cooler cup-put in the freezer
1-Viologie Conditioner for me

I have two Extra Care Dollars for 9.99 each & $20.00 in Catalina's for Pathmark.
All in all it was a pretty good trip: )
So as promised I posted-sorry for the delay there is so much going on around here-I barely have time to get on here.  Enjoy your weekend-and your sales!

Linky for You Paid What?!  will be up on Monday-see you then and I can't wait to see and say YOU PAID WHAT?!

Another Giveaway:)

Pioneer Beauty: Marie~Madeline Giveaway...For One Hundred Dollars...

Go check out this giveaway!!!!! Totally awesome-I have been entering the Marie~Madeline Giveaways every time I see one. They have such modest patterns for skirts; they also have some other fun stuff. Hurry before the giveaway chance closes!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Made It on Tuesday....

Caleb needed a smock so I whipped him up one : )
Out of an old shirt
Yes-I know the one on the left is different than the one on the right-I forgot to take a photo before I hacked it!  I wanted you to see how the collar was and that the sleeves were long:)
The train is on the "train tracks" going up the C 

 (Sorry no smile yet-He just woke up from nap)

Wordless Wednesday

I entered this one into the fingerprints challenge : )

The Paper Mama

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I know I know-I am sorry...

I know-please don't be mad-I told you I would post my deal today.  I have been very very busy-I hope to maybe get it up tommorrow-we will see-but I will post it very soon:)


Boy Wonder needed something for school so off to the sewing machine I went : )
I think it turned out great-I will post more picts tomorrow.
For now though I will say good night!
Tomorrow will be day three of getting up at 6:00a.m.

Simplicity Photo Challenge...

Simplicity's Photo Challenge is water....so I went through my photos to find the right one and I picked...
 Greg and Caleb at Longwood Gardens-Greg wanted to pose for this one-he is so funny!!

Greg took this one-I forgot to put his initials unstead of mine....
 Caleb and I playing with the curtain of water:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

♪♫I got a sale♫♪.........

♪♫I got a sale.......yes I did.......♫♪
But I am so tired that you will have to wait til tomorrow to see what it is : ) 
I know I am so ornery aren't I?!
But we really did a lot today!!
I had two Music Classes to teach, and we had Assembly too
then went shopping with a very energetic five year old; enough said I know but he
 literally and really drove me crazy :)
(or course we used the stores car shopping cart;
 you know the one's that you should have to pass a driving test in order to use it. 
I even saw a lady driving it an almost knocked down stand alone shelf)
Don't get my wrong-I love Boy Wonder, but sometimes...
it is no "wonder" I am losing my hair :)

We are doing a lot of redecorating/rearranging of the house. 
I can't wait to share the results-if all turns out well:)
I have my own "studio" room-it is a disaster, but a work in progress.
So as you can see....busy, busy, busy ; )!

Well, I am off to bed 6a.m. does come early:)
Have a wonderful nights rest!
I know I will-because I accomplished a lot for my day :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post 300!!! And Anniversary for Me....

It is official!!! 
This is post number 300!! 
I was racking my brain trying to figure out what special thing I could post for my 300th posting
and I remembered that today is my "Church Anniversary"-I've been here for seven years serving as

Assistant Pastor's Wife!!! Can't believe that the years have flown by like that! 

Today at church we had Lynette Carroll come and share her burden for the women in Bangladesh that are abused and abandoned. 

She is going to Bangladesh to help Heart House attend to these woman's needs, and to teach them how to sew-and to care for themselves.  She Majored in Apparel, Textiles & Design at Bob Jones.  I really wished that I had the chance to talk to her!  That would of been fun to talk about sewing with someone else!!! 
Anyways, she came and played some hymns for us on her harp it was wonderful!  I had the privilege of recording a song that she played:

I hope you enjoyed this-as much as we did:)

♥What a way to spend my Anniversary Sunday:)♥

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday too!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kraft Coupon Reset!!!! $5.00 off 5!!!!!

Don't forget to get your coupons printed before they go away!!!  Click Here!!!

Thank you Kraft!!!!!!!!!!!

You Paid What?!! Come Show your Deals!

Acme Deals:

4- Boxes of Froot Loops ( just noticed the fact that they don't spell that "correctly")
6- Boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats
9- Containers of Strawberries
3- Containers of Raspberries
2- Bunches of bananas
26- Fuze drinks
10- Old El Paso Taco Shells (18ct or hahaha 180 shells)

Retail Total: $156.33
Out Of Pocket: $18.49

My husband was such a dear to take me to Acme on Friday-on his day off too!! Thank you so much Honey!!! 

There are some really good deals this week at a few other stores:

Pathmark has a deal if you buy $20.00 worth of Kraft products you get $20.00 in Catalina's back-seriously debating this-might take it for a spin just to see what happens-this is the best time to use those $5.00 off 5 packages of Kraft cheese coupons! If you have already printed them earlier this month-they have just been reloaded so you can print them again! Excellent deal!!  I have 20 packages of cheese because of these coupons : ) Praise the Lord for good coupons!!!  And if things work out right I will probably get 20 more-never can have enough cheese!!!  Just ask one of my friends Manda Malensek-she will agree with me!!

CVS has a good week planned too:
Alive vitamins $9.99 get 9.99 in Ecb's back
($1.00 off coupon in the lower right corner) makes this $1.00 MM
Nivea body wash $4.99 get 4.99 Ecb's
*$1.00 off in the 08-29-10 Red Plum-makes this $1.00 Money Maker

There are a few more deals but these are the ones that interest me-so go take a look at your CVS add-I am sure that you won't be disappointed this week!

Acme didn't disappoint me this week either-that is why I did my shopping on Friday; the store would have it all in stock ; )

They have a $10.00 Catalina back when you buy 10 Kellogg's items-there are plenty of Kellogg's coupons out there to make a pretty good deal

Buy 10 items get $5 off instantly and 50 box tops is also another good deal for this week. Price's varied between different items-but it is a great deal!

So many deals so little time!!!  I am on the fence whether to shop this week or not-I don't  think that my freezer could hold too much more ; )

So do you have any deals that you've made this week?  Leave me a link so I/we can check it out : ) Only direct link to your post please:)  And please list my link in your post-Thank you!

Happy Homemaker and Momma

I will pick out one of you and you will be featured here-on Saturday. Then you can post this little button on your blog : )
Happy Homemaker and Momma

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Filled Friday's

Random photo from today : )
I am always expecting the unexpected every step of the way!

We had a wonderful day together as a family-we went to Longwood Gardens again-then a bike ride-and Little Ceasars pizza for "lupper" (lunch and supper put together;)

I have a You Paid What?! to post for you maybe tommorrow. I wil be having a giveaway soon-getting together the details:) Aren't you excited?!!
Until tommorrow
Hope your Friday was as fun and funny as mine!

First Day Of School with Pictures!! : )

Can't believe this day actually came my
five year old going off to college oops, school..boy how the time flies!

Here we are off to go to school....

My Music Classes went well too-the kids are wonderful!! 
Thanks to those who prayed for me!
Oops-forgot to put my initials on the one with the school-meant to do that...sorry

Well, hope your day was as good,busy and productive as mine was-I am going to bed for a well deserved rest-Good Night!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did you know what special month it is?

September is National Sewing Month, declared by President Ronald Reagan in 1982, "In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation."  Good call President Reagan!  Sewing seems to be a fading art, it isn't taught in most public and private schools.  The intresting in investing time into a home has dwindled in the younger age.  There are new things to strive towards; since technology has grown.  But don't lose hope-there are still a lot of folks out there that still sew-some everyday. Anyways...yadayada...

So now you are wondering what am I gonna do about National Sewing Month?  I think I met my "requirement" for sewing last month-don't you : ) Remember these-all done in 3weeks and 1 day?
(I had  a mix up with some instructions-so Heidi was so gracious as to let me turn in my apron on Monday the day voting started-I stayed up all night long to make it-boy was I tired-but it was worth it)

 "Sew" as you can see I think I am good.....but don't let your heart be faint I have a few things I would like to do-not to mention a few things to sew for a friend.

Today is school....

Caleb and I both "start" school today.  I am looking forward to meeting my students and teaching my music class.  I am a little tired,but I got up at 6:00a.m.-aren't you proud of me?!!  Thank you for all who are praying for us-I am sure we will have a good day-Caleb has his stuffed bear friend to bring and I have my Caleb friend to bring-so we will be just fine!

Hoping to post pictures later today-have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday:My Own Personal Photographer

Wordless Wendsday
My Hubby and I
Seven Years of Happy Marriage
Notice that the initials in the corner are not mine:)
I have myself a photographer on my hands,
For a 5 year old-Caleb really does good work when he gets instructions.

I have no clue what Greg is looking at : )

You Paid What?!!


My List Of Purchases:
5-Pepsi Brand Sodas
5-Coke Brand Sodas
10-Kraft Cheese
10-Cool Whip
3-bags of Corn Chips
6-Bags of pretzels
1-container of ice cream(not pictured)
Grand Retail Total of $186.70
Out Of Pocket or OOP- $21.75!!
Paid with Gift Card: $10.00
(Below is the break up of stores)

I had a good run yesterday:)  I actually paid for soda-can you believe it?! I haven't bought soda in 2 years!!!  Greg said the other day that we were about out-so without checking how many we had I went a hunting for a deal-I found two stores that had 5 packs for $11.00 which isn't too bad!  So I took advantage of Labor Day Sales and we have soda now.  I brought it home and unloaded it and asked hubby if he could put it downstairs..of course-no problem at all he says-then I asked how many cases are left downstairs of your dwindling stash of soda?  He says oh there are 10!!!  What?! 
Seems that I am not the only one that gets all panicky when we only have  2 pkgs of 16 count TP and I think that we need more STAT:) I've rubbed off on him; i just think that that is so funny that he would be worried that he was running out when he had 10 cases : ) I Capital L-Love that man!!

5-Pepsi & Ice Cream:
Retail $31.50
Oop: $12.45
This was my costly run-I try not to spend that much-but it was a great deal : )


Now this is my kind of shopping!!! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

♥Our Anniversary Day♥

We had a fun 7th Anniversary today.
We made a campfire and played with sparklers.

Needless to say-we enjoyed the Sparklers:)

This is Caleb playing with his sparkler
He was spinning around and around....
This poor guy had 3 Mid-Life Crisis' today.....

Break Down #1
The first one he was getting ready for us to go out-he had mastered getting buttons in the holes.  I told him that it was so sad that he was growing up so much..and he told me that it would be okay he would come and visit me at my house; and then I kinda got tears in my eyes.  He looked up and saw them and then he worked on getting his last button done.  All of a sudden he broke down crying.  I asked him what was wrong:  "But Mommy!  I'm not gonna be able tosee and kiss you every night..." he finally was sobbing-I did my best to calm him down and tell him it would be okay and that he had a while before he needed to worry about it.
Break Down #2
Then later on he broke down in tears when he was praying..."And Lord help my mommy and daddy when I get big and I am (*sob*) no longer at their house..Amen..."  Talk number two-he didn't have to worry he had a long time before he left our house.  He would be in school for 13 years..."Aw man!!  I was thinking only 3 years!" was his reply; hehehe-he is so funny!
Break down #3
He wanted to pray again..." Lord help my Mommy to not forget about me and that I will be able to get her that cup of water that she will need so that she will remember about me."  Had to explain that because he was going to school didn't mean that I would forget all about him.

This really gave us a look at what anxiety he is "secretly" dealing with right now-he is really excited about starting school-but apprehensive and nervous about being away from us. I keep telling him that all will be okay-I will be there teaching both days and I will pick him up on Tuesday...if you think about him-could you pray for him that his little heart will be peaceful and calm?.  Thank you!

We had our Bible time around the fire tonight-it was so nice and peaceful-we didn't even have a train go by while we were reading!! That is amazing!

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet, And A Light Unto My Path!!Psalm 119:105

We had a wonderful time celebrating our seven years of marriage....Caleb asked this morning if he was gonna have to get all dressed up in his suit since it was our Anniversary-he is so funny!!

Thank you Lord so much!!!!

♥September 6,2010!!! Our 7th Wedding Anniversary♥

Seven Years Ago...
♥♥♥"I DO" It All Over Again!!♥♥♥
Happy Anniversary, I love you Honey!!