Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Photo Challenge:)

The Paper Mama

This weeks Challenge is Self.....hmmm

Me having fun with my family-laughing and giggling with joyous delight:)
As Boy Wonder tries to take Daddy's Picture and Greg Smiles for my Picture-it was quite humorous!!

The Picture Theme of Love

Give my Boy Wonder Some Credit Here:) 
I told him how I wanted this picture taken...
and I don't believe that he disappointed anyone!!!
See even a five year old can take a good picture:)

I enter this picture over at:
 Her theme was "love"-I think I hit the nail on the head!!!

Do you have a photo that proclaims your love for someone or something? 
Hop on over and post a linky:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Longwood Gardens and Made By Competition:)

Here is some pictures from our trip to Longwood Gardens:

I played around with the compostition of this one:

And last but not least:

Yeah!!!!The Votes are in and We won first place again!!!

Here is my Mother Gooses Memo Board
that I entered into the competition:

This is such an honor!!!  I was worried because we were on vacation so I was limited with what I could do:) If you voted, thank you so much for voting!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giant Shopping Trip-did okay:)

Here is my deals that I got from Giant-thanks to my friend Shannon-who so cheerfully shared the details of some sweet deals with coupons: I got $76.58 dollars worth of merchandise for $21.72-pretty good-not much to whistle dixie at but it is okay and I am thankful!! With the prices rising slowly and yet quickly at times I think it was okay job on getting some deals.  I did get a few things I've been wanting to get though  like the Keedem Tea cookies they were on sale 3 for $1.00 those cookies are so good-and now is a good time to get your Hebrew/Jewish favorites:O)  because the New Year is coming there will be sales on the Jewish foods.  I also got-which I forgot to put in the picture-a box of matzo crackers-sooo yummy!!!  I also spoiled myself with some Heath Chocolate Chips-can't wait to use them-might try my hand at a mock of the Wendy's Toffee Coffee Twisted Frosty.  Noodles-we always can use them.  The cheese was definately a special treat!!  Of course many a folk don't like the name of the brand,but that is because they say it wrong!  It is called He Luv A Good.....so therefore since I say it right-I am allowed to buy it ; )  Oh the plastic cups were on clearance 300 cups for $2.48-great price!!

The Chi-chi's salsa had a deal that if you bought two containers you got two dollars off of Giant brand chicken..so I paid $1.47 for six chicken leg Quarters-not bad...I also had a dollar off of the Chi-chi's salsa.  All in all it went okay-I even had Boy Wonder with me!!  He did okay but you know how he is-gets board pretty quick.

I finished the school shopping too-now I have a Calendar for planning my classes and for Caleb's things too.  Well, my project isn't gonna get finished unless I get off of here...and there are a few other things that need attending too-If I seem like I am missing in the action-it is because I am trying to organize our life right now-and I have a lot on my plate..and each min is crucial to life it's self. Somewhat I am looking forward to next week being the last week of the competition over ar Made by Heidi's-I proved that I have what it takes to myself and to others-I can walk away smiling whether I get first place or last..it doesn't matter-through this I found many a true friend and a few new ones.  I can clearly say that "I'm Made for Competition!!"  And your support through it all is so marvelous-even you who are following me secretly undercover ; )

Oh the other news is that I got asked to join a blog roll on another site!!  Kinda makes me feel a little special...we always can use a little I feel special boost.  I am honored!

I hope that while I am "missing" that you'll miss me;)  hehehe-just kidding-praying for all of you who are out there-the ones I know and the ones that I don't know and those in secrect undercover ; )

A Stippling Foot& A Few Other Odds and Ends:)

Hubby bought me a Stippling Foot for my sewing machine!!!!I am so excited!!! I can't wait to use it-well,after things start settling down-I can't wait.....eeeee!

OOOO-I also found a dilly of a deal at Joann's-instead of doing ruffles by hand..they have the proper sewing foot for my machine and it will do the ruffles for me:)  BIG BIG BIG GRIN-can't wait to pick up the Ruffler Foot!!!I am gonna try to get it Labor Day weekend when they have 40%off and 10% off:)  it is only $14.99-not to bad a price!!!!  If I can talk hubby into stopping by Joanns:)

Tomorrow we are going to Longwood Gardens for a family outing-can't wait to take some pictures:)  It will be nice.

Still two more projects for the competition-I am gonna try to finish my one for this week today or Saturday.  Then one more week-and then break!!!  My dear friends and family are doing so well at voting!!! I didn't exactly expect such a turn out of votes-just goes to show how many friend you have:) 

Oh- I got the job as Music Teacher at Woodlyn Christian School.  So I am in charge of the Elem. grades and I will be helping with the Middle and High School classes.  I am humbled-because I am nervous-but God wouldn't lead me where His grace can't keep me.  I also will be the pianist for the opening chapel on Mondays-and might be doing flute lessons!!!  Busy busy busy-add all that to being a full time wife(going on 7 years), mom( 5 years), Assistant Pastor's Wife(going on 7 years), Church Pianist( going on 2 years), Seamstress(?years), Flautist(for 19 years!!) etc.....the list goes on and on.

I am really amazed at the opportunities that the Lord has given to me in the past few months-it almost makes me feel like I have grown so much Spiritually.  I have had so many folks older than me to ask my counsel and guidance-as well as a few that are younger.  I give counsel bathed in prayer for sure-I want the wisdom to be God's wisdom given in due season.

All in all the Lord is just so good to us!!!  No matter how many things we don't have-he has given us more than what we deserve let alone need.  I love the Lord with all of my heart-he is a true Best Friend to me!! 

Just remember even if your prayers are not what you are asking for-God still answers every single one of them whether it be yes or no or wait.

Until then In His Service,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Made by Me Monday's

Flowers flowers everywhere....
The first one is a custom order from a customer....

These are hair clips for me:)  I had them sitting around
waiting for me to make them
so when I had the chance I made them today:)

Hope you enjoy my Made by Me monday:)

I ♥ Face Photo

I entered our photo from this week at the beach in at:

If a picture says 1,000 words......then this one should at least have 3,000:)

Did you notice the Caleb sized handprint on my shirt?:)

More Pictures from NY City
 Notice something out of the ordinary?Caught me by surprise too!
NY City At Night-So pretty isn't it?!

I have a story to share with you on this one 
This is Ventnor City Area 
 The Lord gave us such a beautiful day!!!


My how "God ♥'s Me" some will understand this one;) 
I know so random!
But isn't that neat!! Blue Claw-red tip...poor guy is missing an arm-somewhere out there
or maybe his arm is missing his body...

All Photos are taken by me with the help of my favorite camera;) 

Pictures From Ventnor City

Yes! I did take all of these photos:)
It was a beautiful night that night...this is the moon in these pictures..not the sun.

I ♥ my Canon Powershot SX20 Camera!!
Greg wanted to hold the moon in his hands:)
Atlantic City All A Glow

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This and That and Sometimes the Other

I know I know; "where is the project you just did last week"?!  Things have been just crazy around here!!!  But be sure to stay tuned cuz I do have some more things to post-for right now though-my house needs a little TLC as well as my wonderful family:)  Voting goes up tommorrow 8-23-2010 around 8:00a.m. Don't forget to get your vote in:) Remember: EVERY SINGLE VOTE DOES COUNT!!!!:)

Thank you so much for all of your votes!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

NY City Photos:)

Greg got a Padora Hat from NY City-He really likes it:

Of course Caleb enjoyed the hat too

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Found The Most Amazing Store In NY City!!!!!

Do you see this wonderful store that we found downtown?! They have Sewing Machines all throughout the store!!!  I think that there are over 300 old sewing machines in that store it is so neat!!!!  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Day Two-New York City

We are at New York City for today and tommorrow...Here are a few photos of the day:

New York City

Times Square

The M&M eater

Tired little Boy Wonder- See his double eyebrows?

♥Greg & I♥

My Giggle Box

Empire State Building

New York Classic-Yellow Taxi


Brooklyn Bridge

And Yes I got to go to the clothing district:)

Cutie Pie:)