Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Stippling Foot& A Few Other Odds and Ends:)

Hubby bought me a Stippling Foot for my sewing machine!!!!I am so excited!!! I can't wait to use it-well,after things start settling down-I can't wait.....eeeee!

OOOO-I also found a dilly of a deal at Joann's-instead of doing ruffles by hand..they have the proper sewing foot for my machine and it will do the ruffles for me:)  BIG BIG BIG GRIN-can't wait to pick up the Ruffler Foot!!!I am gonna try to get it Labor Day weekend when they have 40%off and 10% off:)  it is only $14.99-not to bad a price!!!!  If I can talk hubby into stopping by Joanns:)

Tomorrow we are going to Longwood Gardens for a family outing-can't wait to take some pictures:)  It will be nice.

Still two more projects for the competition-I am gonna try to finish my one for this week today or Saturday.  Then one more week-and then break!!!  My dear friends and family are doing so well at voting!!! I didn't exactly expect such a turn out of votes-just goes to show how many friend you have:) 

Oh- I got the job as Music Teacher at Woodlyn Christian School.  So I am in charge of the Elem. grades and I will be helping with the Middle and High School classes.  I am humbled-because I am nervous-but God wouldn't lead me where His grace can't keep me.  I also will be the pianist for the opening chapel on Mondays-and might be doing flute lessons!!!  Busy busy busy-add all that to being a full time wife(going on 7 years), mom( 5 years), Assistant Pastor's Wife(going on 7 years), Church Pianist( going on 2 years), Seamstress(?years), Flautist(for 19 years!!) etc.....the list goes on and on.

I am really amazed at the opportunities that the Lord has given to me in the past few months-it almost makes me feel like I have grown so much Spiritually.  I have had so many folks older than me to ask my counsel and guidance-as well as a few that are younger.  I give counsel bathed in prayer for sure-I want the wisdom to be God's wisdom given in due season.

All in all the Lord is just so good to us!!!  No matter how many things we don't have-he has given us more than what we deserve let alone need.  I love the Lord with all of my heart-he is a true Best Friend to me!! 

Just remember even if your prayers are not what you are asking for-God still answers every single one of them whether it be yes or no or wait.

Until then In His Service,

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