Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giant Shopping Trip-did okay:)

Here is my deals that I got from Giant-thanks to my friend Shannon-who so cheerfully shared the details of some sweet deals with coupons: I got $76.58 dollars worth of merchandise for $21.72-pretty good-not much to whistle dixie at but it is okay and I am thankful!! With the prices rising slowly and yet quickly at times I think it was okay job on getting some deals.  I did get a few things I've been wanting to get though  like the Keedem Tea cookies they were on sale 3 for $1.00 those cookies are so good-and now is a good time to get your Hebrew/Jewish favorites:O)  because the New Year is coming there will be sales on the Jewish foods.  I also got-which I forgot to put in the picture-a box of matzo crackers-sooo yummy!!!  I also spoiled myself with some Heath Chocolate Chips-can't wait to use them-might try my hand at a mock of the Wendy's Toffee Coffee Twisted Frosty.  Noodles-we always can use them.  The cheese was definately a special treat!!  Of course many a folk don't like the name of the brand,but that is because they say it wrong!  It is called He Luv A therefore since I say it right-I am allowed to buy it ; )  Oh the plastic cups were on clearance 300 cups for $2.48-great price!!

The Chi-chi's salsa had a deal that if you bought two containers you got two dollars off of Giant brand I paid $1.47 for six chicken leg Quarters-not bad...I also had a dollar off of the Chi-chi's salsa.  All in all it went okay-I even had Boy Wonder with me!!  He did okay but you know how he is-gets board pretty quick.

I finished the school shopping too-now I have a Calendar for planning my classes and for Caleb's things too.  Well, my project isn't gonna get finished unless I get off of here...and there are a few other things that need attending too-If I seem like I am missing in the action-it is because I am trying to organize our life right now-and I have a lot on my plate..and each min is crucial to life it's self. Somewhat I am looking forward to next week being the last week of the competition over ar Made by Heidi's-I proved that I have what it takes to myself and to others-I can walk away smiling whether I get first place or doesn't matter-through this I found many a true friend and a few new ones.  I can clearly say that "I'm Made for Competition!!"  And your support through it all is so marvelous-even you who are following me secretly undercover ; )

Oh the other news is that I got asked to join a blog roll on another site!!  Kinda makes me feel a little special...we always can use a little I feel special boost.  I am honored!

I hope that while I am "missing" that you'll miss me;)  hehehe-just kidding-praying for all of you who are out there-the ones I know and the ones that I don't know and those in secrect undercover ; )

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