Thursday, December 16, 2010

Planet Fitness...

Well, this morning I joined Planet Fitness for ONE dollar for this month!!!  I am stoked!! I am so excited and so glad I have a few friends that go there as well!  {and a special thanks goes out to my friend who gave me the coupon so that I could join for only $1!!}  I worked on the tredmill for a half an hour and the stand up bikes for 10 min-then I had to get home so Hubby could go to work :)

Boy Wonder was sick again last night-my next question is: "Do I have a sign that says-yes you can loose your cookies on me; it's okay-I'm SUPER MOM?" hahahaha-at least somehow the Lord keeps me from getting queezy when this happens.  Poor kid-he is great today-and acting like nothing is wrong with him!  I just can't believe it!

The cat is sick too-Hubby is the only one in this house that has yet to get sick-he claimes he has a strong constitution and he wont get sick.  I do hope and pray that he wont get sick! 

Well, I have my in laws coming in to visit and I have the day "off" today-I claimed it as a state of emergancy for me *wink*-so I am meeting up with one of my friends to do some coupon shopping at the mall-I have a few nice/sweet coupons that are burning a hole in my purse-so talk to you later-have a wonderful day and try to stay warm!

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