Monday, November 1, 2010

I've been Sew busy;)

I made a Bow tie for Boy Wonder......

it was a hit-he really loved it!
Then I made him a "wallet" for his Awana Dollars

I made me some labels for my items that I make:)
I really like these-I think they turned out so wonderful!! 

Here it is on my camera strap...What do you think? 

I even made some for when I make clothing for
Boy Wonder-I think that the next batch will be darker
like my label above.

I also made a new camera strap
♥I really really like it♥

And I also pinned one side of each of the valances I am working on for a friend.
Cut out the pieces to make another vest, tie, and bow tie for Boy Wonder....
ummmm, I think that is it-for now ; )
I hope your Monday is a marvy one!

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2 Lovely Comments:

Anonymous said...

I like your camera strap! I need a cute Strap.

Your sons smile just cracks me up. So funny :)

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

Thanks Ashlee:)