Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Day In The Mouth Of Caleb

Little Coley~Boy Wonder
His words from the everyday....

#1- C: Mommy, why does the bottle of water have bubbles in it when you take a drink?
Me: Because it is the air escaping into the bottle of water
C:  Oh!  I thought it was your thirst leaving!
We were on our way to a friends house to play......
#2 C:Haahahaha, Mommy....
Me: Yes, Caleb
C:  I am going to look like Mr Bob {husband of my friend}..
Me: Huh?
C:  Look!  It is because, I have a chocolate milk jug mustache!
We were traveling to church one day and Caleb was being a little noisy
#3 Greg:  Caleb, can you please be a little quieter?
Caleb: Why?
Greg: Because silence is gold....
Caleb:  So what is silver?
Caleb was in his Sunday School Class and his teacher asked him to quote the Ten Commandments.  So he quote them and went on to coloring.  Well, something happened and his teacher said
#4 Teacher:  Caleb you just broke one of the you know which one it was
He got all concerned and asked her...
Caleb:  Was it thou shalt not commit adultery? 
Caleb was sitting in the car with two of his buddies from church
#5 Me: Okay Caleb it's time for the guys to leave
Caleb: Awwww, can you guys come live at my house?
#6Caleb: Mommy if you have another kid like me you can name them Caleb too
so then if I die because I got run over you would still have a Caleb
{so morbid!}
Buddy:  This is a male friend-do not reference this to a friend that is a girl!  You will be told no Mommy
she's not a boy....I have yet to find out what you call a girl that is your friend.
Haraboom: This is the sound that the fast train makes-do not say it is the sound that the slow train makes
you will be corrected very, very quickly!
Knight = Caleb
Princess = Mommy
Dragon = Daddy
Dying room:  This is the place where we eat...I really hope and pray that my food isn't that bad...
Sahvegetable:  His thankful bite of vegetables-I always told him he had to have some vegetables
so he thinks it is one word and he runs it together

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