Monday, October 18, 2010

Irony!!! Complete Irony!!

I have some irony for today; I had entered in one of Frugal Free Gals giveaways on Sunday {I think}and when I contacted her to tell her who won the giveaway from my blog, she wrote a email back to tell me that I won her giveaway on her blog:)  This is what I won:

It looks like a very interesting book-and if you know me I like books(at least when I get a chance to read them:)

Oh, and I am so excited!!!!!!  We have a guest coming over to give a tutorial her on my blog!!!!  On how to make the cutest little pumpkins!!!  I like fall decorations so much; and these are so adorable!!!  Wait til you see them!!  Until then-enjoy your evening-I am going to bed early since I don't feel too well.....all that I keep thinking is "I can't get sick, I can't get sick-I have company coming..."  Good thing I got 4 huge jugs of Orange Juice today ; )  I am so gonna over do it on the Orang Juice!!!! No matter what the consequences!!

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