Friday, October 22, 2010



Remember the gracious folks at CSN stores that gave me $35 dollars to spend on what I would like? I had a few things I have been eyeing up- a dress form for sewing-a singer serger- diamond scissor sharpener-are a few things I would like, but I narrowed my choice down to getting a "third hand"/tripod for my camera.

 I ordered my tripod on Wednesday and received it on Friday!!! They have such quick shipping-I was amazed at how quickly I received my tripod.  That is "two" days!!!

When I saw the FedEx guy pull up I couldn’t believe it-

Funny thing is he came up to me and handed me my box and I said:

“Wow, that CSN store is just amazing!!”

And his reply was: “No, FedEx is amazing!”
It was hilarious! 

All I can say is that CSN is just wonderful because they shipped it out so quick-FedEx may have brought it to my door-but my order didn't sit in a warehouse until someone got around to shipping it, like most places.  5 stars for this for sure!!!

Here is my tripod-and I am so excited about having received it.  It is so wonderful of them to send this to me!  It is pretty easy to set up-and it screws onto my camera really nicely-I wanted to get a photo of it-but hadn't had the chance but I am including what it would look like if I had set it up

A little about my tripod:
Carson's The Rock™ Deluxe is a professional class 61"/25" level, quick release, 3-way panhead tripod. Geared elevator provides smooth transitions for maximum viewing.


•Constructed of plastic, metal, aluminum

•Has a hook handle

•Lightweight at only 3.12 lbs

•Overall Dimensions: 25.75" H x 17.5" W x 17.5" D
It reaches 61"-and it is very useful!!  Thank you so much for allowing me to do this review!!

Here are a few questions that maybe you would like to ask me-so I will ask and answer them myself;)

1. Would I order from them again?

Yes-with quick shipping and a lot of the items being free to ship-definitely!

2. What is one of the things you like with having dealt with CSN?

The cost and quality-also free shipping!

3. Would I recommend them to anyone else?

Why yes!  That is why I am telling you about this wonderful company right now:)

4.Do you have anything that you would like to say-or something that wasn't to your liking?

Well, one thing that I would encourage them to do would be to include basic instructions for the tripod in the box-I know that there are instructions online-but having the actual instructions in hand might prove a little more useful.  This is just a very minor detail-not really a make or break.  But honestly everything was excellent and very much to my liking!!

Once again Thank you so much CSN for being so generous!!!  I am so happy with my "third hand"
for my camera;) 

5 Gold stars all around!!!

{Disclaimer:  I was given $35.00 to spend online at CSN stores-but my views and opinions are my own-and are not persuaded by the gift certificate that was given to me-this is an honest review}

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