Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post 300!!! And Anniversary for Me....

It is official!!! 
This is post number 300!! 
I was racking my brain trying to figure out what special thing I could post for my 300th posting
and I remembered that today is my "Church Anniversary"-I've been here for seven years serving as

Assistant Pastor's Wife!!! Can't believe that the years have flown by like that! 

Today at church we had Lynette Carroll come and share her burden for the women in Bangladesh that are abused and abandoned. 

She is going to Bangladesh to help Heart House attend to these woman's needs, and to teach them how to sew-and to care for themselves.  She Majored in Apparel, Textiles & Design at Bob Jones.  I really wished that I had the chance to talk to her!  That would of been fun to talk about sewing with someone else!!! 
Anyways, she came and played some hymns for us on her harp it was wonderful!  I had the privilege of recording a song that she played:

I hope you enjoyed this-as much as we did:)

♥What a way to spend my Anniversary Sunday:)♥

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday too!!

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