Monday, September 13, 2010

♪♫I got a sale♫♪.........

♪♫I got a sale.......yes I did.......♫♪
But I am so tired that you will have to wait til tomorrow to see what it is : ) 
I know I am so ornery aren't I?!
But we really did a lot today!!
I had two Music Classes to teach, and we had Assembly too
then went shopping with a very energetic five year old; enough said I know but he
 literally and really drove me crazy :)
(or course we used the stores car shopping cart;
 you know the one's that you should have to pass a driving test in order to use it. 
I even saw a lady driving it an almost knocked down stand alone shelf)
Don't get my wrong-I love Boy Wonder, but sometimes...
it is no "wonder" I am losing my hair :)

We are doing a lot of redecorating/rearranging of the house. 
I can't wait to share the results-if all turns out well:)
I have my own "studio" room-it is a disaster, but a work in progress.
So as you can see....busy, busy, busy ; )!

Well, I am off to bed 6a.m. does come early:)
Have a wonderful nights rest!
I know I will-because I accomplished a lot for my day :)

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