Friday, July 30, 2010

Shooting Stars and Satelites!!!

Tonight-yesterday as of now: Greg needed to stay at the church late trying to get together the "new" computer so that the ladies in the office could use it.  He asked me to come back to the church and do our Bible reading and then take Caleb home and put him to bed.
I got there around 9:30p.m. we did our reading and then I was getting ready to go and Greg mentioned that I could stay if I would like too...and that he would rather I stay-about this time it was 10:00p.m.  I thought that maybe it would be best for us to go home so that Caleb could get his rest.  So he walked us out to the car.  As we were walking such a nice fresh breeze was so wonderful I asked my hubby if he would like to lay down on the grass and watch the stars for a little bit while the computer was working.  He said Caleb squeeled with glee (then he wouldn't have to go to bed so soon). So today I set aside about an hour and a half to just relax and star gaze with my family.  It was so rewarding and so enjoyable!  I even saw 4 satelites and 2 shooting was a wish come true;)

So now here it is 3:28a.m. and hubby is still at the office plucking away at the computer-and here I am trying to stay awake....I just don't think it is gonna happen....YAWN............but what a wonderful end to a day it was just to look up and see the stars, talk to my hubby and hear Caleb a chattering away so that he wouldn't fall asleep; it was truly a God given perfect night!

Thank you Lord!!

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