Thursday, July 29, 2010

Knoebels Take One/ with Pictures:)

 A Wonderful Start to A Wonderful Day- Giant Ferriswheel-Caleb holding on for life:)
Going on the Boat Ride called Sploosh
Wet Fella's:)
5 Years Old and almost 48" tall!!!Just a smidge(very small smidge) shorter than 48"
Mini Himalain & Swings
My Brave Guy's-Caleb's First Roller Coaster! Third Car back.
A Peaceful Rest
The spray from a water ride-he was really enjoying himself:)
Firetrucks-notice how big he is for this ride:) 
All for One and One for All & The Little WhipIt Ride
The Giant Ferriswheel & Yo-Yo Swings
Our Last Ride-The Giant Ferriswheel two tired queezy people-but one very happy child:)
 All in All it was a great and fun family day minus the queezyness;)

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